Business Activities

  1. Funeral and accompanying activities
    • Managing cemeteries on the territory of the town of Pula
    • Maintaining cemeteries and crematorium, spaces and buildings as well as other accompanying facilities for performing commemoration and interment services, and burial and cremation of the Deceased
    • Performing funeral business by taking over, equipping, transportation of the Decedent/Deceased person from the place of death to a mortuary or crematorium
  2. Manufacturing and processing activities
    • Building tombs, monuments, and decorations mounting and unmounting, paving tombs with stone, and similar.  
    • Production of flower and seedlings, design of decorative arrangements of fresh and artificial flowers, wreaths, bouquets, and similar.
    • Manufacturing wooden and metal caskets for the deceased persons
  3. Retail trade with products intended for taking over, equipping, transportation, and burial of the deceased persons (wreaths, floral arrangements, caskets, clothing, footwear, flower pots, candles, vases, and similar)
  4. Transportation of passengers and cargo in internal and international road traffic (transportation of the deceased persons and their families, equipment for burial, and similar) and transportation for own purposes.
  5. Collecting waste for others
  6. Transporting waste for others
  7. Intermediation in the organization of waste recovery and/or disposal of waste on behalf of others
  8. Collection, waste recovery, and/or disposal of waste (treatment, landfilling, incineration, and other ways of disposing of waste), i.e., management of special waste categories
  9. Importing waste
  10. Exporting waste