Mission and vision

The mission of MONTE GIRO LLC is to provide permanent and high-quality funeral services while maintaining all facilities and devices it is entrusted to within functional condition. Furthermore, the company provides permanent and high-quality services by using its own technical and human resources based on sustainable development principles while continuously monitoring European trends related to the quality of the communal business activity. The company pays maximum care to the environment and protects the public interests of the local community in which it operates. At the same time, the company continuously cares for well being of its employees and all users of its services, which forms an essential basis for the present and future management of the company. These get carried out in cooperation with the founder and within the scope of granted authorities to perform communal activities "maintenance of cemetery and crematorium and transportation of a deceased."    

MONTE GIRO LLC's vision is to continuously provide a high quality of funeral service and cemetery maintenance through development and continuous improvement of own technical-technological and human resources. This vision is to be achieved by successfully applying quality principles and permanently educating all employees in line with legal and other regulations. The company is committed to applying the principles of environmental protection in a sound and ecologically acceptable manner enabling sustainable development. Our future activities must aim to increase the satisfaction of all users of our services. While expressing the most profound respect to the Deceased, we meet all users' requests for the assignment of burial plots on the town cemetery in Pula and local Cemetery in Štinjan. This is achieved by continuously improving practices on maintaining, arranging, and equipping the Monte Ghiro cemetery in Pula, the local Cemetery in Štinjan. The Naval Memorial Cemetery in Pula, while preserving and protecting the cultural heritage of local significance, thereby adhering to cost-effectiveness, rationality, and expediency principles.  

The vision of MONTE GIRO LLC is to become a high-quality company providing communal services and be recognizable by performing its business in both Istrian County and the Republic of Croatia.