Quality policy

As a company providing funeral services, we have always focused on providing quality and caring for users of our services. Users of our services, who approach us in their most difficult moments in life, brought on by the death of a loved one, tend to be particularly sensitive, and we provide the best possible service to them. Our employees are ready to assist at any moment by extending advice and assistance to arrange for the funeral of a loved one by easing a stressful set of circumstances as much as possible.

We take pride in the fact that we are making continuous efforts to improve the infrastructure at Pula town cemetery Monte Ghiro and the local Cemetery in Štinjan, and Naval cemetery Pula. Naval Cemetery Pula and the old sections of the Pula town cemetery preserve invaluable cultural heritage from destruction and deterioration. By arranging all green spaces, we also make sure users of our services are satisfied.

We care for the environment daily and recycle waste originating at cemeteries we manage to a maximum. Waste that cannot be recycled, we dispose of under current regulations.

We appreciate our employees, who undergo continuous professional improvements in their areas of responsibility. These improvements will give us the ability and capability to meet all of our users' demands at any time and meet all laws and regulations related to the funeral services business.   

From its founding, all of us with company Monte Giro LLC consider satisfaction with our services to be the leading indicator of success and quality. We have always focused on providing quality and ensuring client satisfaction. Additional proof of this is the certification of the quality system we received according to the norm ISO 9001. By fulfilling all of the requirements as defined by a norm, permanently improving quality, and analyzing requests and opinions of users of our services, we will meet their needs even faster and improve quality.  

The Company's Management Board regularly sets goals to improve service quality and enhance client satisfaction while ensuring that all employees are involved and contribute to achieving these goals.  All Company employees must perform their work in line with the Quality Policy. Doing so, they contribute to the permanent enhancement of quality, all with the objective of satisfying users of our services.